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Bleach Blondes
During the summer of 2014, Heine Tegtmeier, Anders Pugholm and Azur Hodzic shook hands. Not in the traditional sense, but with their guitars, bass and drum kit. And not in an entirely modern way either, but in the way that the 1960s psychedelic and garage rock genres would have done.

With the blessing of today’s DIY possibilities and a fair amount of patience, the band recorded their gritty, yet melodic riffs and hard hitting driving rhythms, transforming them into songs that were able to stand on their own. “Because not all you’ll find out there is worth finding or seeing. And we know that” the band says, “But we're confident and ready to let it all out.”

With lyrical themes of omnipotence, desire and loss, it may be different from what you will normally encounter, but that is what Bleach Blondes are aiming to achieve. “We're aware of the fact, that these songs demand the attention from the listener. So we’re thrilled if anyone is willing to give them that, and perhaps even get what it is that we’re trying to do. In the end, the music will speak for itself.”
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